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7-8 September 2022 | Oslo, Norway

Making Decisions in an Uncertain World: Why it is Hard and How to Succeed

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We live in an uncertain world and decision makers are increasingly facing more risks and uncertainties, including the energy transition and security, climate change, technology revolutions and a pandemic. Decision makers need a structured process to make sure they think clearly, avoid bias, feel confident about their decisions, and optimize outcomes for their stakeholders. ​

The Decision Quality Conference in Norway provides you with access to the knowledge and experience of internationally recognized Decision Professionals, who can help you master practical approaches which deliver quality decisions, thus enabling you to thrive rather than just survive.​

On the 5-6 September, two days before the conference, participants will be able to join in on a tailored development program where Decision Professionals will share methodologies, tools, and best practices for how you can best handle decisions under uncertainty. In addition, participants can take part in software roadshows where leading decision analysis companies present tools that can support critical elements of your decision making process.


Schedule & agenda

What is Decision Quality and why should you implement Decision Quality principles in your organisation? Topics include:

  • A decision maker’s perspective – What help do I need and how can you help me make better quality decisions?
  • Decision Quality – What is it and why is it important?
  • Decision Making in practice – A simply demonstration to show the power behind Decision Quality thinking
  • Investment decision making – How a structured decision process can support large-scale investments?
  • Bridging Decision and Data Science – How can Data Science and Decision Analysis complement each other?
  • Implementing DQ - What does it take to make it happen?

How to build the 6 elements of Decision Quality? Topics include:

  • Defining an appropriate frame: What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Creative, do-able alternatives: Ensuring all high-value alternatives are explored
  • Reliable information: Minimising biases and incorporating risks and uncertainties
  • Clear value measures and trade-offs: Being clear about your goals
  • Logical and correct reasoning: How to combine all the information to make a clear recommendation
  • Commitment to action: Turning recommendations into action
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What is DQ?

Decision Quality: The essence of decision making

We make thousands of decisions every single day. The decisions we face relate to an almost infinite range issues and level of complexity. We are more frequently required to make decisions in an uncertain and unpredictable world. However, despite this, very few are trained in decision making, and many are not familiar with the decision tools and science that underpins the decision process.

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