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We offer a total of 8 workshops with 2 parallel workshops over two days. This enables you to sign up for a total of 4 workshops (2 each day). Each workshop below lasts 4 hours. The workshops are sold separately from the conference tickets. You also get a discount by signing up for multiple workshops by adding a discount code at check-out. The discount codes are available upon registration. The discounted prices are as follows (including 25% VAT):

  • Signing up for 1 workshop, pay €500 for the workshop (no discount)
  • Signing up for 2 workshops, pay €450 per workshop
  • Signing up for 3 workshops, pay €400 per workshop
  • Signing up for 4 workshops, pay €350 per workshop

You can view the conference schedule here. The prices below are for a single workshop.

Workshop Day 01

We are running two parallel workshops in the morning and in the afternoon. You can register for two workshops per day.


Morning Workshop #1: Bias Identification and Mitigation

Steve Begg 2
Steve Begg,
Emeritus Professor, Decision-Making & Economic Evaluation at the University of Adelaide
Reidar v4 JPG
Reidar B. Bratvold,
Decision Advisor at ThinQ Decisions | Professor of Decision and Data Analytics at the University of Stavanger
Price: €500

Morning Workshop #2: Introduction to Decision Science

Pat Leach
Patrick Leach,
Professor of Practice, Colorado School of Mines
Price: €500

Lunch & Networking


Afternoon Workshop #1: Machine Learning and Probability Assessment for the Working Decision Analyst

Dalton Chris portrait
Chris Dalton,
CEO at Syncopation
Price: €500

Afternoon Workshop #2: Facilitating tough Decisions by Making ‘Sacrifice’ Part of your Vocabulary

Deepak Veeraraghavan
Deepak Veeraraghavan,
Partner at Strategic Decisions Group
Florian Methling
Florian Methling,
Engagement Manager at Strategic Decisions Group
Price: €500